Monday, September 17, 2007

Rockin' Spiraling Coriolis

Hey stixters!

I'm from PA and am just beginning to work through the book! I've done the little skye sock and jumped into a spiraling coriolis using Socks that Rock lightweight. Have one done, as you can see. I found the master numbers to yield a sock that is a lttle loose. Did anyone else find that?


msubulldog said...

I found that my first (attempt at) Croiolis was baggy, but then I realized that my gauge was half a stitch more than I expected. Plus, I find the whirlpool toe to be a loose fit. Some people may really like room to wiggle the piggies, but I prefer the plain toe.
My new Coriolis is fitting much better!

Deborah said...

Well, I decided to drop my "midfoot circumference" measurement down 1/2", adjusting all the other measurements down a bit to see if that will make the difference I want. I'm with you - I like a snugger fit. I had never made a whirlpool toe before, so I wanted to try it, but so far I think I like the plain toe, Judy Becker Magic-Cast-On style. I'm halfway through this second sock - we'll see how it does. What are you working on now???

Stacey said...

The toe is also loose on mine. I am going to rip it out and try making it a little smaller. These are for my mom, so it is hard for me to tell, but I will use hubby's foot to get an idea.

Deborah said...

OK - I finished my second sock and it is a tad too snug. I feel like Goldilocks!!! I'm going to rip it out and do it again. I wonder if I go up a needle size if that would be "just right". Any input???