Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Noro Riverbed

Hi there! Celtic Queen here with my new Noro Riverbeds. I decided that this was the next architecture I wanted to try since I had done Coriolis already and I'm trying to expand into toe up. (I'm a flap heel kind of girl.) Anyhow, when my friend Julia gifted me with this Noro, I couldn't resist. I loved the simplicity of the Riverbed. So much so, I think it's my new toe up, carry around in your head pattern. I took the master numbers, put on a 2x1 ribbing, switched out basic heel stitch for some eye of partridge and voila!

These worked out great for my wide flat feet. I'm thinking of typing up my tweaks into a pdf if anyone is interested. Hope everyone is enjoying their own creations.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello and some Socks!

Hi, my name is Birdy (I am also on Ravelry as BirdysKnits)! And I am knitting me some socks courtesy of Cat's wondrous sock-itectures. I'm knitting the socks using the riverbed arch. My first pair of socks is almost nearly finished...however I am looking at the yarn I have left and I am NOT sure I'll have enough to finish! I have about two repeats left in the pattern. If I could knit AND cross my fingers at the same time I would.

Here's the first sock:
Heart SocksHeart Socks

Where I was as of two repeats ago:
Second Heart Sock WIP

Am I screwed?