Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello and some Socks!

Hi, my name is Birdy (I am also on Ravelry as BirdysKnits)! And I am knitting me some socks courtesy of Cat's wondrous sock-itectures. I'm knitting the socks using the riverbed arch. My first pair of socks is almost nearly finished...however I am looking at the yarn I have left and I am NOT sure I'll have enough to finish! I have about two repeats left in the pattern. If I could knit AND cross my fingers at the same time I would.

Here's the first sock:
Heart SocksHeart Socks

Where I was as of two repeats ago:
Second Heart Sock WIP

Am I screwed?


msubulldog said...

I have not yet knit this pattern, so maybe someone else will jump in with good advice, but if you have a small kitchen scale you could weigh it.
*I bought a cheapo scale at Target just for such a purpose--if the first sock weighs the same or less as the half-sock plus yarn ball, then you're golden!
Good luck.

Birdwell said...

Thanks for the tip! A kitchen scale is on my wish list. I just finished the sock and I was left with 5 yards. Perfect--if I had tried one more repeat on my heart motif there wouldn't have been enough yarn left.

I'll post finished pics once I weave in the ends and washing and block.