Monday, September 24, 2007

Coriolis Socks

Here are my Coriolis socks:
(there are more pictures on my blog)

I used two strands of Trekking XXL, color 100, and got 7 stitches per inch using two 3.0 mm 24″ circular needles. I have been a die-hard dpn user for years, but decided try two circs again and I am very pleased with my results. I think I have been converted, LOL!!!

I just got some of the Harmony fixed circulars in 2.25 mm and 2.75 mm and am looking forward to casting on another pair of socks. I've got five pair going right now, so I have to finish at least one of those pairs before I start another pair, :-( Two of those pairs are from the New Pathways book, so I will still be having a LOT of fun!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rockin' Spiraling Coriolis

Hey stixters!

I'm from PA and am just beginning to work through the book! I've done the little skye sock and jumped into a spiraling coriolis using Socks that Rock lightweight. Have one done, as you can see. I found the master numbers to yield a sock that is a lttle loose. Did anyone else find that?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Greetings from Indiana

I've just joined this group and wanted to say hi to everyone.
I got New Pathways for Sock Knitters last week and I felt a bit overwhelmed. I'm not terribly good at visualizing the process of a pattern from directional text and diagrams, even when accompanied by great pictures. And there is so much of all that in this book!
I very nearly put it away on the shelf and re-dedicated myself to whittling down my massive stash of Opal with my comfort sock knitting: plain stockinette/solid heel and toe.
But that glorious Coriolus sock kept calling to me so I thought that, even though I didn't truly understand La-Rink and La-Link, maybe I should just follow the directions and trust Cat Bordhi.
After all, I did numerous pairs of socks with absolutely no grasp of just how the turning of a simple heel worked. I just followed the directions and the magic happened.

So I made the Little Sky Sock (in Dream in Color with size 3 dpn).

And the mysteries began to unfold. And my excitement mounted and I thought, Yes! I can do this!

But I wanted company. So here I am.
I'm looking forward to sharing and learning with you all!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally Made It Here

Hi all, I'm Debbie (northern California). Sorry to say I have yet to finish a baby test sock. I think I have too many things in the air right now! But it is high on my list. So I may be a lurker for a while, as I catch up on things.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Set Your TiVo's!

Debby mentioned that a rerun of Cat demonstrating the Coriolis sock on Knitty Gritty will air tomorrow (Sept. 14) at 7:00am on HGTV. Thanks, Debby, I can't wait! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finished Pair

I finished my Bartholomew's Socks this afternoon. The second sock was a lot easier to do than the first.

Friday, September 7, 2007

FO - Little Sky Sock

Last night we had our first get together for the KAL at my LYS and we all decided that we will do one learning sock per week.

I brought the makings for the ABC stitch markers - got the beads over the weekend and brought enough for everyone - that was a great ice breaker.

We all cast on the Little Sky sock and I got thru the heel turn last night. I finished up the foot this morning when I should have been getting ready for work and now I am going to have to drive like the dickens to be on time this morning.

It's very cute and really illustrates the concept of putting the arch expansion stitches on the front of the foot instead of along the ankle.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Four baby socks done

Hello, I'm Trish, and I have knit my 'try out' baby socks, 2 each of the Little Sky and Little Coriolis patterns. I did one of each sock on DPNs and then one on magic loop single circular needle, so I think I understand the stitch management needed for both of those techniques. I haven't decide which adult sock I will do next--need to finish up some other things first. I am leaning toward the Rushing Rivulets socks on page 91 but the Bartholomew's Tantalizing socks posted here look interesting too.

My Little Sky socks were knit in Crystal Palace Bunny Hop, a microfiber/angora blend, and the Little Coriolis were knit in Berroco's Love It Colors which is a cotton/acrylic/polyester blend. I didn't realize the long color runs on the Love It would lead to such mis-matched mates, but there they are.


Hi, my name is Barbara and I live in Mesa Az. I saw the New Pathways book the day it arrived in my LYS and the owner and I decided that we would host a KAL in September for knitters who wanted to try out the awesome patterns together. Tonight is our first meeting and I can't wait to get started.

Pictures soon.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Have You Received Your Blogger Invite, Yet?

I am searching for a few knitters who have left comments and want to sign up. Blogger doesn't make it easy to figure out commenters' email addresses without a lot of leg work. I'm not afraid of the leg work, though, I really do try to track you down through your blogs or whatever other info I can glean from Blogger so that I don't have to bother you about this, but I sometimes still come up short. So, if I have you listed below, would you please send me your email? :) You can send it to amanda AT the-woodruffs DOT net.
Thanks so much! p.s. We're at 100+ on Ravelry and over 40 have joined up here. Hooray! :)

Debby of usefulhandsandheart
Debbie (Sunnyvale CA)
Valerie from TX
Mary in VA
Beverly who's doing Coriolis in Claudia's

Monday, September 3, 2007

Bartholomew Progress

Hi all! I received my New Pathways for Sock Knitters a little over a week ago and find I cannot put it down. I started a Bartholomew's sock last week when on vacation and was pleased to discover there is a Knit A Long!!! I have finished my first sock and am about 1/3 of the way through the second one. I got a little waylaid around the heel portion of sock #1, but I discovered I had left out the last pattern row before the heel started. Yes, that can cause problems, but I figured it out finally.

The yarn used is some Ashland Bay Colonial Superwash/Nylon fingering weight dyed by myself.


Riff on Cedar Architecture

I've been working on a riff on Cedar architecture for the Summer of Socks Design Contest. Here's progress so far, with some back-of-the-envelope scratches. I'm calling them Meadowlands Socks (a little Jersey humor).

Meadowlands Socks

Naturally, I've corresponded with Cat Bordhi by email – she's very gracious and encouraging about the adaptation of her ideas. See more on my blog, Jersey Knitter, and on Ravelry.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Little Sky Learning Sock

I decided to take the plunge & knit up Little Sky. I'm using leftover fingering weight to make a mini sock pin. I'm having a hard time with Panel 9. I'll just take a break & start fresh in the morning. I really liked what Cat has to say about sock architecture.