Sunday, September 16, 2007

Greetings from Indiana

I've just joined this group and wanted to say hi to everyone.
I got New Pathways for Sock Knitters last week and I felt a bit overwhelmed. I'm not terribly good at visualizing the process of a pattern from directional text and diagrams, even when accompanied by great pictures. And there is so much of all that in this book!
I very nearly put it away on the shelf and re-dedicated myself to whittling down my massive stash of Opal with my comfort sock knitting: plain stockinette/solid heel and toe.
But that glorious Coriolus sock kept calling to me so I thought that, even though I didn't truly understand La-Rink and La-Link, maybe I should just follow the directions and trust Cat Bordhi.
After all, I did numerous pairs of socks with absolutely no grasp of just how the turning of a simple heel worked. I just followed the directions and the magic happened.

So I made the Little Sky Sock (in Dream in Color with size 3 dpn).

And the mysteries began to unfold. And my excitement mounted and I thought, Yes! I can do this!

But I wanted company. So here I am.
I'm looking forward to sharing and learning with you all!


Melody said...

Welcome! I just wanted to tell you that my eyes glazed over too when I read La-rink and La-Link. She's just renaming something that has been around a long time. Did you know about her youtube videos? That helped a lot and saved me from shelving the book indefinitely.

'Zann said...

Hi Melody! I see the links to those videos on the sidebar and I hope to find the time to take a look. Thanks for reminding me about them!

Deborah said...

Zann - I found if you just "blindly" follow Cat's instructions without overthinking it, you'll do great. Also,I emailed her and asked a question or two and she was gracious to get right back to me. Of course, I didn't have all of you at the time to help me along!